October 31, 2007

People of Israel, Your Attention Please

Received by email from Professor Paul Eidelberg:
Whereas Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is going to Annapolis, reportedly willing to declare the Government’s recognition of an armed Palestinian state;

Whereas Basic Law: The Government empowers the Government to conclude agreements with foreign entities without Knesset approval;

Whereas the opposition parties in the Knesset are incapable of toppling the Government by a vote of no confidence;

Whereas various parties in the Cabinet, which can resign from the Government and precipitate new elections have failed to do so:

Whereas mass demonstrations designed to bring down the Government are not to be expected;

Whereas Attorney-General Menachem Mazuz is hindering IDF operations to stop the bombing of Israel from Gaza;


You may conclude that only a military coup can save Israel.


Since a military coup is not to be expected,

turn to our Father in heaven to save us.

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