October 31, 2007

Books: Naïve & Abroad: Pakistan Powerful, Timely New Book

I have not read this book but received this publicity email directly from the author, Marcus Wilder:

“The purpose of the burkah is to prevent arousing uncontrollable urges in passing men. Presumably, women cannot be expected to resist these uncontrollably urged men. In fairness, rape is common - burkah or no burkah. . . . To prove rape, a woman must have four male witnesses. Since the male witnesses are invariably the rapists, this defense tactic never works. If there are not four male witnesses to testify for her, the woman is blamed. She can be flogged. She can be stoned. At a minimum, her husband will beat her severely.”

“The burkah is not Islamic. Muslims adopted that custom from a primitive tribe they converted to Islam. The damage has been done.”

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