August 15, 2007

The Polish Uprising

Here is a link to an account of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising written by one of its leaders, Marek Edelman:

This is a booklet, a pamphlet, the date is unknown. It starts like this:
I am not acquainted with the young author of this booklet, one of the leaders of the Jewish Uprising. He brought me a typewritten copy, and I read it all at once, unable to interrupt my reading for a single moment. ... "I am not a writer, " he said. "This has no literary value. " However, this non-literary narrative achieves that which not all masterpieces can achieve. For it gives in serious, purposeful, reticent words a record, simple and unostentatious, of a common martyrdom, of its entire involved course. It is also an authentic document about perseverance and moral strength kept intact during the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind.
--Zofia Nalkowska, LODZ, November 1945

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