August 15, 2007

Must See TV

Received by email:
At 5.10 pm Sunday BBC showed a programme "The World Uncovered". It showed a BBC reporter accompanied by a Lebanese Christian secretly driving around southern Lebanon looking for Hizbollah Tunnels, fighters and evidence that Hizbollah were preparing for another fight. It was amazing exposure of what they are up to now, the programme may be repeated at the times shown below it is worth looking out for this programme.
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THE WORLD UNCOVERED: Hunting For Hezbollah

In his State of the Union address, G. Bush said Hezbollah is one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations in the world. We investigate claims that Hezbollah are back, more powerful than ever and readying themselves for another war.


Sunday 12, Aug

Saturday 18, Aug

Saturday 18, Aug

Sunday 19, Aug

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