July 25, 2007

Muslim Rejection of Suicide Attacks on the Rise - Except Among Palestinians

From Muslim Rejection of Suicide Attacks on the Rise - Except Among Palestinians:
Muslims around the world increasingly reject suicide bombings, according to a survey of international attitudes in 47 countries released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center. The percentage of Jordanian Muslims who have confidence in bin Laden as a world leader fell 36 points to 20% since 2003, while the proportion who say suicide bombing is sometimes or always justified dropped 20 points to 23%. Other countries where support for bin Laden declined are Lebanon, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan and Kuwait. But support for suicide bombings is widespread among Palestinians, the report said, with 41% asserting that such attacks are often justified while another 29% say they can sometimes be justified. Only 6% of Palestinians say such attacks are never justified - the smallest percentage in any Muslim public surveyed.
Read Summary of Survey (Pew Global Attitudes Project)

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