May 14, 2007

Kiddush Hashem

Dennis Prager once wrote:
Every yeshiva student learns early in life that the greatest sin is khillul Hashem, public desecration of the Name (of God), and conversely, the greatest mitzvah (commandment, good deed) is kiddush Hashem, public sanctification of the Name.
Today I am praising the Name of The One and Only.


Today, Hashem, the One and Only, answered a prayer for me, and gave me something I had wanted for eight years. For almost eight years I prayed that Hashem would provide for me a solution to a situation, and today my prayer came true.

Every human becomes a vehicle for Kiddush Hashem, the sanctification of God's name and tonight, I want to be a vehicle for Kiddush Hashem, and pronounce to the world His Holiness.

Thank you, Hashem, thank you for an answered prayer. Thank you, thank you, Holy Hashem, thank you.

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