April 12, 2007

Bush Gets Green Light to Help Fund Palestinian Security Forces

From Bush Gets Green Light to Help Fund Palestinian Security Forces:
The U.S. will provide $59 million in aid to boost security forces loyal to Mahmud Abbas after members of Congress dropped their objections to the deal, officials said Tuesday. $43 million would go to train and equip the Palestinian Presidential Guard, which answers directly to Abbas, and another $16 million would be spent to improve security and infrastructure at the main cargo crossing between Israel and Gaza. A State Department official said strict controls would be placed on the aid and that "none of this assistance will benefit Hamas or other terrorist organizations."
Folks, you did you know that Mahmoud Abbas is also the same person as Abu Mazen, the engineer of the "Black September" Terror Attack during the Munich Olympics, which killed 11 Israeli athletes and a U.S. citizen ?

I'm sure the State Department knows.

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