March 24, 2007

Holocaust Inversion: The Portraying of Israel and Jews as Nazis

From Holocaust Inversion: The Portraying of Israel and Jews as Nazis:

The false accusation of Holocaust inversion - the portraying of Israel, Israelis, and Jews as Nazis - is a major distortion of history. This anti-Semitic concept claims that Israel behaves against the Palestinians as Germany did to the Jews in World War II. A variety of Western mainstream public figures have made Holocaust-inversion statements.

Some Holocaust inverters aim at the destruction of Israel and seek to lay the infrastructure for its moral delegitimation through demonization. For Europeans it is also an effective way to cover up for Holocaust crimes of their countries and expunge guilt by claiming that what was done by the Nazi perpetrators and their many collaborators is a common phenomenon and by now is practiced by Israelis and Jews.

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