February 07, 2007

Islamorage at the Holy Jewish Temple Mount

You know, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that Muslims want a global bloody war, because every damned thing that goes wrong in the world pisses them off and there's just no quelching their rage. For Muslims, the rule is "whatever the traffic will bear", and everyone puts up with it. This is also another example of Muslims seizing their opportunities, testing their foes, and probing their weak spots.

On another note, pay close attention to API's pernicious usage of the terms: "disputed holy site" and "ancient", as well as diminutive qualifiers that describe what is holy to Jews, for example "shrines" and "ancient temples" which insinuate old and no longer viable vs . "the compound where Islamic tradition says Muhammad ascended to heaven" which conjures images of "alive and living and recent".

Baruch Hashem Himself dwelt in the Holy Jewish Temple, you can't get holier than that, but, according to API, Jews don't deserve a holy building because their holy building was built approximately 3,000 years ago, and Muslims *are* allowed their holy building because it was built approximately 1,400 years ago. Makes no sense, but that's the double standard for Jews and Israel, manifested quite clearly by API via Yahoo:

Police scuffled Wednesday with a Muslim leader and several of his followers near a disputed holy site in the Old City of Jerusalem where Muslims have been protesting excavations and repairs. Raed Salah, the fiery leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, and six supporters were taken for questioning after "a brawl" with police guarding work near the hilltop compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, home of the Al Aqsa mosque complex, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Three Palestinian youths were questioned on suspicion of throwing stones at an Israeli bus near the Old City, but there was no other trouble, he added. Rosenfeld said about 2,000 Israeli police — double the usual number — were on duty in the city to quell any violent protest against Israel's plan to build a new walkway up to the compound where Islamic tradition says Muhammad ascended to heaven and which Jews revere as the site of their ancient temples.

One more thing. The only religious argument that makes sense is to point out how so many Jewish holy places do exist in Israel. It's hardly irrational that Jews should want to live near the Wailing Wall or other sites of great importance in Jewish history and religion, particularly given how poorly Muslims have treated such sites. Really, folks, would you want Muslims to babysit your fifth-century Bamiyan Buddha statues?


Anonymous said...

heh typical. i can't wait until G-d returns the mount to the Jews' posession once and for all. indeed that time may not be so far off.

wngsong said...

If this is the same site that Front Page posted an article about then I guess in their (Arabs) twisted way of thinking it makes sense that they would be angry and feel threatened. That is because the excavation finds once again prove the existance of the Jewish Temple and the accuracy of the Book.

2/7/2007: Front Page: Islamic leaders call for new intifada over work near the Temple Mount -

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