January 25, 2007

Radio Islam to French Muslims: France is Being Run by Zionist Lackeys

The MEMRI Blog:
The website of the Swedish Radio Islam, founded by the Moroccan-born Holocaust-denier Ahmed Rami, posted an appeal to French Muslims to vote for National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen in the upcoming elections. The appeal, authored by Kamal Khan, reads as follows:

"Appeal to French Muslims: Vote Le Pen! And don't let yourselves be manipulated by the lies of the false propaganda of the Jews, who want to fight against France down to the last Arab! The Jews are in power in France, with their Socialist-Communist accomplices and their Freemason allies… Do not believe the Socialist-Zionist propaganda that claims to defend you against racism, while their 'God', Israel, treats the Arabs of the Middle East like animals.

"France is not being run by true French, but by the lackeys of the Zionist international who control the economy… Le Pen is acting to liquidate the forces of evil that want to enslave France like they have enslaved Palestine and numerous other nations, like the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Vatican, which have unconditionally surrendered to the blackmail of the Zionist international. Jean-Marie Le Pen is fighting to restore the political independence of France, to make it a strong, powerful, and truly independent country, and to help the oppressed Arab world, in turn, break the diabolical chains of Zionism!"

For more on Rami, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 875.

Source: Radio Islam, January 17, 2007

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