January 31, 2007

Book: The Fight For Jerusalem

Jerusalem has always been at the heart of the battle between Islam and the West. From the Crusades until today, expansionist Islam has understood the significance of resting control over Jerusalem. For them, taking Jerusalem is tantamount to driving a spear into the heart of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Dore Gold's new book is a brilliant historical and contemporary analysis of The Fight For Jerusalem. Dore has unearthed facts, quotes,and photographs that give positive proof that Jerusalem is a primary target of our enemies. This is a must read for policy makers, bloggers, elected officials, reporters, and everyone else who cares about the future of the West.



Hokule'a said...

I saw the former ambassador on a show with Pat Robertson and he was GREAT. Fielded questions not just from a political view but from a religious view encompassing both Jewish and Christian views of "The End of Days". This book is really important, as this false messiah in Iran has the means to do incredible damage in the name of his false god. Should be required reading.

Smooth said...

Thanks for the info, Hokulea, it will help the rest of us who are on the righteous side of the facts.

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