December 26, 2006

Update: Eight Kassams on Tuesday

Received by email:
During the day, 7 Qassam missiles caused heavy damage, but no direct casualties. There was no Israeli return fire. The missiles exploded in built-up areas among cars in Sderot, hit a strategic facility south of Ashkelon for the second time in two days and landed in empty ground near Kibbutz Mordecai.

The seventh landed wide of a military camp south of Ashkelon. DEBKAfile reports that Israeli military units can see the Palestinian missile crews, which have fired more than 60 missiles in the month-long 'ceasefire' But prime minister Ehud Olmet has ordered the military to hold its fire, despite the extreme distress of the civilians living around the Gaza border.

Qassam lands in Sderot; two moderately injured
A Qassam rocket landed a residential area in Sderot, moderately wounding two people. Security forces are on their way to the scene...

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