December 28, 2006

Iran Accused of Promoting Shiism in Sudan

From Iran Accused of Promoting Shiism in Sudan:

Sunni Islamists in Sudan have accused Iran of trying to spread Shiite Islam in the country. The Sudanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood presented authorities in Khartoum with evidence of Teheran's attempts to convert locals to Shiism. Sunni groups have denounced what they say is a "Shiite peril" and the opening of several Shiite mosques in Khartoum. They have asked authorities to close down the Iranian embassy's cultural center. In Algeria earlier this month, authorities suspended 11 teachers accused of spreading Shiite propaganda among their pupils.

See also (MEMRI):
Sheikh Qaradhawi: Increasing Infiltration of Shi'ite Islam into Sunni Egypt May Lead to Civil War

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