November 08, 2006

Democrats prove once again what a brainless community they are

Folks, the election is hardly 24 hours old and already the Democrats have made a huge mistake, one of many that I predict they will make over the next 4 years. And trust me - each and every time they phuck up, and you know the Democrats will, the rest of us will be all over them like white on rice.

It's payback time.

Meanwhile, here's what Zuniga and Soros and Clinton and Michael Moore and TownCrier's Demo-bots have done in Minnesota. They have elected Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to congress.

"Oh, Smoooth, you can't be so predjudiced like that."

Oh, I can't? Try me.

Here's some facts about the black Muslim, Keith Ellison.

Keith Ellison is a 43-year-old lawyer. Ellison converted to Islam as a 19-year-old college student in his native Detroit, and won with the help of Muslims among a coalition of liberal, anti-war voters.

He advocates an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq along with strongly liberal views. While Ellison did not often speak of his faith during the campaign, awareness of his candidacy drew interest from Muslims well beyond the district centered in Minneapolis.

Opponents focused on Ellison's sloppy handling of his taxes and a slew of unpaid parking tickets, along with his one-time affiliation with the Nation of Islam, whose leader, Louis Farrakhan, has been criticized for making anti-Semitic remarks (and for being possibly behind the murder of Malcolm X). Ellison back-peddled and subsequently said he worked with the group largely to promote the 1995 Million Man March.

But let's get more current. In October of this year, Joe Kaufman wrote an article on FrontPage about Keith Ellison. Here's what the article was about:

Joe received an e-mail about a lecture that was taking place on October 14th at the Southwest Focal Point Senior Center, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The event was being sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Keynote Speaker was listed as Keith Ellison, a candidate for United States Congress from Minnesota and a man that has raised thousands of dollars through CAIR. Joe Kaufman and his group, Americans Against Hate, planned to be there and welcome him in protest. All was fine, until he attempted to sit in on the event.

Before that event, Joe wanted to prepare himself concerning the lecture, so he tried to corroborate the information to make sure that it was correct. He searched the Internet and found nothing. He went onto CAIR’s and CAIR-Florida’s websites – nothing. He went onto Keith Ellison’s campaign website – nothing. Details about this event were nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until he spoke with someone from the Pembroke Pines Police Department that he found out the information was indeed accurate.

Questions popped up in his head: Why is this event being made a secret? Why is a Congressional Candidate from Minnesota campaigning in South Florida? And right before the election?

What Joe Kaufman and his group Americans Against Hate were protesting was the fact that Keith Ellison had accepted campaign donations from CAIR officials.

Ellison had taken money from CAIR’s National Executive Director Nihad Awad, CAIR’s National Chairman Parvez Ahmed, and CAIR’s Government Affairs Director Corey Saylor.

Given CAIR’s ties to the terrorist organization Hamas, given the fact that four CAIR representatives have previously been charged by the U.S. government with terrorist activity, and given the fact that CAIR is being sued for its role in the attacks on 9/11, Joe believed his case was strong.

Joe and other members of Americans Against Hate arrived to protest and a CAIR op came outside to videotape them. Joe's group did the same to him. They told the CAIR op it was worse for him – CAIR already knew what Joe looked like. Joe's folks asked him questions, but like a good CAIR soldier, he didn’t say a word. When it was time for Joe's speeches, which were made at a podium they had brought, the op moved closer to video them. Joe's speech contained some hard-hitting evidence of CAIR’s terrorist ties. The op just stood there expressionless.

When Joe's group was about to leave when they decided to go inside to see the event. If someone from CAIR was videotaping them, why shouldn’t they be able to do the same? They asked the police officers if it was alright to go inside to videotape. They said it was okay, as long as they didn’t disrupt anything. Two of Joe's folks went in. As they reached the entrance to the affair, they were stopped by two people. “This is a private event,” one said, as he put up his hand to stop them. Joe said they received permission from the officers. He repeated his statement a couple more times. Areeb Naseer rushed out to speak with the officers. Altaf Ali looked nervous and confused. Joes' group took CAIR totally by surprise.

In the end, the officers said, since it was a “private” event they had to abide by what they were telling them. Joe's colleague stated that it was a public place – the center was owned by the city – and that they should be able to pass through. With all of the preceding questions, a new question arose: Why did they not want them inside? Keith Ellison is running for public office. Why was this a “private meeting”? What was being said inside that made it so private?

These are questions that Keith Ellison's constituents should have asked. Ellison came all the way to South Florida from Minnesota, less than one month before his election, to a private meeting that no one knows about, attended by only a small number of people, with individuals guarding the entranceway, an event sponsored by a group that has numerous ties to Islamic terrorism.

By the way, the homepage of Keith Ellison’s website offers a glaring contradiction to his mysterious Florida meeting. On it, he states, “Between now and November 7 -- and for as long as I have the privilege of serving you in Congress -- I'm going to be seeking opportunities for us to connect face-to-face. I'd like you and your neighbors to join me in town hall discussions around the district where we can talk about the issues that are important to us: the challenges we face and the successes we want to build on.”

Joe writes in his column, how is Mr. Ellison going to “connect face-to-face” with his constituents, when he’s in another state and he won’t even let the public into his events? It’s just one more question that needs to be answered.

Minnesotans - and the rest of America - should have demanded to know these answers, before they voted this CAIR lapdog into office.

It's too late now, ain't it. Well, congratulations, Democrats, you stupid idiots. You've started with the wrong foot forward. But don't worry, we'll be watching the other stupid mistakes you're all bound to make because your entire party is made up of several-hundred thousand enemy sympathizers and all of them are living within the US. Lovely. Phucking lovely.

Oh well, I pleaded with you all to stop being puppets but you wouldn't listen. If you think America was going down the drain, wait and watch how the Democrats really phuck it up.

And I'll be proud to place a new bumper sticker on my car with the same pride that all of the dumbasses who still have John Kerry stickers on their Volkswagen Jettas and Toyota Camrys, that will say:

Want to be a loser? Vote Democrat."

Good luck, Demo-dummies. We'll be laughing at you from the sidelines.

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