December 24, 2005

Photos of the Temple Mount (1877)

Below are some photos, originally printed on celluloid, of the Temple Mount and the mosques on top of it just before the birth of modern Zionism (1877). Note the utter disarray and lack of use of the third holiest site in Islam.

How odd. Weeds do not go untrampled in a highly trafficked area, do they? Buildings in use do not go without repair, do they?

Based upon these pictures, the tale of the importance of al Aqsa in terms of importance and holiness should be re-written to represent the truth, not the fiction each of you have been spoonfed.

Falling into the trap of endlessly explaining, in more and more words why Islam is not what it actually is as revealed by its 1400 year history and the fruits of its followers seems to be a losing game.

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