February 03, 2008

Anti-Israel Week At The University Of Michigan

Anti-Racist Blog has alerted us that:

From February 11th-15th, organizers have planned "Palestine Awareness Week" events for The University of Michigan campus. The events at U of M are taking place at the same time as "Israel Apartheid Week" events at other colleges and universities internationally. Even though U of M's "Palestine Awareness Week" has a different name than "Israel Apartheid Week," the two are clearly related, as evidenced by the timing, and the agenda.

The aim of both is to demonize Israel, bash the Jewish State and its friend America, condone Palestinian terrorism, and provide a skewed view of reality and a total distortion of facts on the ground.

Readers of Anti-Racist Blog will remember that the student group Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), which is the main sponsor of "Palestine Awareness week," openly condemns Israel while ignoring terrorist actions against the Jewish State.

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