August 24, 2007

Terror in Gaza: Two Months Since the Hamas Takeover

From Terror in Gaza: Two Months Since the Hamas Takeover:
After Hamas completed its takeover of Gaza in mid-June 2007, terrorist groups there have carried out rocket and mortar fire toward Israel. During the last two weeks in June, 61 rockets hit Israel. A number of Israeli civilians were wounded in the attacks and more suffered from shock; property was also damaged. During July, 55 rockets hit Israeli territory. During the first two weeks of August, 34 rockets were fired. During the first half of July, 42 mortar shells were fired, compared with 37 in June.Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Fatah elements (which continue operating under Hamas aegis) claimed responsibility for most of the attacks, yet on July 7, Hamas itself began claiming responsibility for rocket fire. Hamas has also taken credit for mortar attacks, sniper fire and anti-tank rocket fire at IDF forces.

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