August 11, 2007

Israel judged by double standard

Simple bias, ignored by the media. Why? Because Arabs committed the crime, not Jews. From The Calgary Sun:

A Western ally in the Middle East, armed with U.S. weapons, attacked Muslim guerrillas in a Palestinian refugee camp last week, killing seven. Is that big news? The answer, this time, is "no".

No Western newspaper has run a banner headline about a "massacre," no emergency meetings of the United Nations have been convened, and Canada's deep thinkers on human rights, Michael Ignatieff and Louise Arbour, have not declared the military action to be a war crime. That's because the Western ally rooting out terrorists was Lebanon, not Israel.

Since May 20, Lebanon has been engaged in a mini-civil waragainst Fatah al-Islam, which is just what it sounds like -- aMuslim terrorist group, holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp called Narh el-Bared. Killing Palestinians, including Palestinian terrorists, is normally fodder for at least half a dozen UN resolutions, investigations and accusations, and plenty of harrumphing fromthe CBC, BBC and Globe and Mail.

But only if the ones rooting out the terrorist are Israelis --that is, Jews. Lebanon's army is no different in any respect, other than that one fact.

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