March 24, 2007

New UN Rights Panel Still a Disgrace

From New UN Rights Panel Still a Disgrace:
The UN Human Rights Council, in its previous incarnation as the Human Rights Commission, failed miserably in addressing human rights violations.

The supposedly reformed Council has continued issuing resolution after trumped-up
resolution against Israel - eight in all, all of them unanimous, with another four planned.

The Council plans to place Israel under permanent investigation for alleged violations of international law in Palestinian areas and to hear a report compiled by a UN special reporter that compares Israeli actions to South African apartheid.

But what of the tactics of Hizbullah, to name just one bastion of terrorism?

The Human Rights Council rejected a report on last year's fighting between Israel and Hizbullah
in Lebanon because it listed violations by the latter as well as the former.

Never mind that Hizbullah triggered the conflict by abducting Israel soldiers or that Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorists.

This Council is a disgrace.

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