August 12, 2008

We're Moving!

Hello Readers!

After last week's fiasco
where thousands of Blogger blogs, including this one, were locked down by Blogger due to an error in their algorithm that detects "spam", I decided to set up a new site on a brand new hosting service where I wouldn't have to worry about censorship, outages or someone else's algorithms and if there were any mistakes that occured, they would be entirely my own fault and no one else's.

I'm calling the new blog
Smooth Stone because, well, I really, really like the name. ;)

I'll be updating the new site with new features each day and will try to export some of your favorite features and posts that have lived here to the new location.

I've updated my feed so you won't have to change your subscription information but several dozen of you have written that your Yahoo feed has not been rerouted.

If anyone else has a problem with their RSS feed to Smooth Stone at its new location,, please email me at

Please be sure to bookmark the new location: Smooth Stone at, and please visit and comment there.

Looking forward to seeing you at my new home.