August 01, 2008

Google Apologizes

Update: Google/Blogger has resurrected my site and Smooth Stone is now back in business!

Evidently Google/Blogger made a huge mistake this past week, as hundreds if not thousands of other Blogger/Google sites were also kicked off the air.

Here's the apology from Blogger:


This site, Smooth Stone, was errantly shut down and marked as SPAM by Google/Blogger onThursday, July 31, 2008.

I was informed in an e-mail from Google/Blogger, saying their automatic system flagged Smooth Stone as a "spam blog" and they locked it immediately.

According to the e-mail, it will remain locked until they get around to reviewing it and realizing it is not a SPAM blog. The email stated that the review period can be as long as 20 days.

However, the fact is that Smooth Stone is not a spam blog. If anyone worth their salt at Blogger had half a brain, they would have realized that this site, Smooth Stone is more than 5 years old, and doesn't dabble in dirty techno-crap spam algorithms.

Coincidentally, I added a link on my sidebar to both Twitter and Blogged this evening. I can't help but wonder about the coincidence.

I have since removed Twitter from my sidebar.

The process of unlocking my blog could take weeks. The disgusting part is the longer Smooth Stone remains locked, the less chance it will ever be unlocked.

It's sickening that Google, one of the richest companies in the world, would be this fascist and irresponsible.

No doubt, the elite piglets at Google think they can write any algorithm without testing it for Quality Assurance.

Shutting down legitimate blogs that have been around for five years, like Smooth Stone, with over a million pageviews for "suspected spam" before checking the site out is reprehensible.

Blogger needs to find a better way to go about doing this in the future. They have become reckless, irresponsible, saturated with arrogance, and absolutely naive in how to manage their clients.

Hopefully I will be able to post here again. And I will investigate moving Smooth Stone off of this Blogger platform once and for all.

For updates, please visit the current mirror site of Smooth Stone on the WordPress platform, at