August 19, 2007

The Flight 93 Memorial

Folks, the design of the memorial to those who were murdered on Flight 93 on September 11th is the shape of a Muslim crescent, purposefully chosen, no one knows why except the dopey, thoughtless, indoctrinated rat bastard architect, Paul Murdoch, who thought of it, probably to honor Islam, in spite of the fact that it is a slap in the face to America and her icons and symbols considering it was Muslims who murdered and committed that grievous, murderous, godless attack. The detestable design of the memorial has been a righteous target of bloggers such as Alec Rawls, who is reportedly writing a book on the subject. You must read Alec Rawls primer and explanation and evidence of why we should keep the crescent-mosque off of the crash-site of Flight 93. The planned memorial faces toward Mecca, Islam's holiest city. Five other bloggers verified that the bisector of this crescent points within 2° of Mecca. Rawls also contends that a planned 93-foot tower with wind chimes would act as an Islamic sundial. The memorial design is called "The Crescent of Embrace". For crissake, the whole concept is sickening. Now, a father of one of the Americans killed on Flight 93 by Muslims who did NOT embrace anything except a Koran, boxcutters and a kill-switch in the "on" position, is speaking out. Let's show him our support. From Star Tribune:

Tom Burnett Sr., the Northfield man whose son was killed on Flight 93 when the hijacked airliner crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001, now wants his son's name withheld from a planned victims' memorial because he finds the crescent design and other features offensive because of what he said are their Islamic symbolism.

Burnett Sr., who was on the panel that picked the winning design in 2005, originally named the "Crescent of Embrace," was on the losing side of the 9-6 vote to approve the design.

Burnett's 38-year-old son, Thomas E. Burnett Jr., died with 39 other passengers and crew when Flight 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pa., while flying to San Francisco from Newark, N.J.

On Saturday, Burnett Sr. said he wants an investigation into why -- two years after he raised his objections -- the planned memorial will still have such things as the crescent, stars and a tower that he sees as Islamic symbols.

"It has all kinds of Islamic symbols on it," Burnett said of the memorial by Paul Murdoch.

The artist has already changed the memorial's planned shape to a nearly full circle in response to critics who said the original crescent shape honored the Muslim extremists who carried out the attacks.

The crescent is considered by some a Muslim symbol.

"It would be like putting a Nazi flag at the cemetery in Normandy or putting a Japanese flag at Pearl Harbor," Burnett Sr. said. "That is what this is akin to."

Burnett Sr. also said he is looking for a "thorough, honest investigation" of the design and the elements.
Here's an article about Paul Murdoch and his wife, the two thoughtless dopes who came up with this putrid design - and won. Whoever voted for this design on the jury panel, should do a reality check on their consciences.